SMS Messaging


You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t sending SMS messages, commonly referred to as text messages, these days. If fact we recommend that if you only do one form of mobile marketing, you make SMS your choice. This is because it is so effective in producing results. Of course sending out text messages everyday by hand would be an almost impossible task. That’s why we’ve taken the personal responsibility of managing your SMS marketing campaign that will include premium services such as results analysis and creative content.

MMS Messaging

MMSSending pictures and videos through mobile platforms has become commonplace among mobile users. Not only does it attract users quicker than a standard text, but it’s creative content has the potential to keep them engaged on the message. Sending your audience a short video or picture brings the ad to life and sidesteps the possible monotonous standard message that your audience is more likely to ignore.

The only downside is that MMS messages are more expensive than the standard SMS message. But if your creative content is eye catching enough and can really pull in an audience, it just might be the answer to generating leads and sales. Our team wants to set up a campaign for you that will lead to success.