Our Services

App Development

App development is one of the strengths of Advanced Federal. We offer the best of both worlds in creating your app in that you will work directly with a project manager in the USA, but some of the coding will be outsourced overseas if you so desire. This provides the advantage of working with a fellow American, but with the cost savings of outsourcing some of the technological work.

Web Development

People are using their mobile devices to perform an increasing percentage of their daily tasks. This means that they will be accessing your website from their phone and tablet. At Advanced Federal, we understand the importance of having a mobile optimized site. That's why we develop websites first for mobile and then make sure that it looks great on a desktop as well. Every website we design and develop will look and feel great on any device your target audience is utilizing.

Mobile & Digital Advertising

"Think People, Not Places" At Advanced Federal, we use a multitude of third party data to target just the right person that you are hoping to reach. Our technology uses geolocation, geofencing, geotargeting, geoconquesting, demographic and interest targeting. Thus, creating a real time bidding strategy to access over 350 mobile advertising networks capable of delivering over 9 billion gross impression daily. What that means for you is the ability to maximize impressions to your target audience at the best possible price.

SMS Text Messaging

SMS text message marketing is the workhorse of mobile marketing. Today, 99.6% of Americans have the ability to receive a text message. And, it works so much better than email messaging does. In fact, 90% of all text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt and 97% of all text messages are read. Compare that to emails where only 22% of all messages are read and you'll see why text messaging offers the single best ROI you will experience in getting your message out to the public.

MMS Image Messaging

MMS provides an upgrade from SMS text message marketing in that it enables the sender to distribute not only text, but also images, videos, and voice files. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it?

IVR Service Providers

IVR is an interactive telecom technology that allows a computer to interact with customers through the use of touchtone and voice commands. IVR was the original service of our sister company Advanced Telecom Services which began providing interactive telephone services back in 1989. With that level of experience, you can bet that we probably already have the technology you need on the shelf...just waiting to help you in providing large scale telephone call processing.