USPS Postal Delivery Services

Experienced, Disabled American Veteran (DAV) owned company to handle outsourced contractor postal delivery and final mile services.

Our Services

App Development

All of our products are developed in our offices in Pennsylvania and Maine. Your app will never be outsourced overseas. The person you are communicating with will be the person that is actually working on developing your project.

Web Development

People are using their mobile devices to perform an increasing percentage of their daily tasks. This means that they will be accessing your website from their phone and tablet. At Advanced Federal, we understand the importance of having a mobile optimized site. Every website we design and develop will look and feel great on any device your target audience is utilizing.

Mobile & Digital Advertising

We use the newest and most advanced technology to make sure your ads are in front of the right people. We use real time bidding to access over 350 mobile advertising network which are capable of delivering over 9 billion gross impression daily.

SMS Text Messaging

If you are looking for another way to reach your audience on their mobile device, SMS text messaging will solve your problem. This solution enables you to send and receive SMS text messages with 99.6% of US mobile phone. Examples of SMS messaging campaigns include sending out high volume alerts in the case of an emergency or sending 24 hours access codes to those who might need it.

MMS Image Messaging

To engage your audience at a higher level than a normal text message, including photo or video.

IVR Service Providers

IVR is an interactive telecom technology that allows a computer to interact with customers through the use of touchtone and voice commands. IVR was our original service offering dating back to 1989 so you can bet that we probably already have the technology you need on the shelf...just waiting to help you in providing large scale call processing.