IVR Service Providers

IVR services, knownw as Interactive Voice Response, are the basis for the company that we are today. Advanced Federal, along with its sister company Advanced Telecom Services, began working as an IVR service bureau over 30 years ago in 1989. Since then, we’ve seen almost every possible IVR application that you can imagine. In fact, we once provided IVR services during the halftime of Super Bowl XXVII when the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson provided a riveting performance that has gone down in American cultural history.

With IVR services, you can automate your inbound phone calls to ensure that you are giving callers the right information, all the time. It replaces expensive live operators and, most importantly, our systems never call out sick for work and they never ask for a raise!

Outbound Calling

Advanced Federal believes that there are some robocalls that are not only valuable, but also very important. The best way to get your message out quickly is to use automated outbound telecom technology that enables you to send large amounts of simultaneous recorded voice messages to your opt-in consumer list.